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Refrigeration Requires Expertise


Turn-Key Projects

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Let us design the plans you need on your behalf, and save you from both the burden of planning and the problems you will experience in the future with our experience. 


for your facility  Let's get the cooling loads and heat loads report about your current facility that you may need, avoid taking wrong steps for your new projects. 

Our Sustainable Maintenance - Repair Activities

Every working part will be subject to wear and tear, but the performance you will get from your cooling systems with our planned and preventive maintenance works will be both longer lasting and less costly. 

About Us

  Makterm is a project contracting company that set out to produce outstanding projects and aims at "customer satisfaction" as its mission.

Makterm Seçkin set out to produce projects and  as a mission  "customer satisfaction"  targeted industrial and commercial refrigeration sector  is a project contracting firm aiming at firsts. 

We are aware that no job is small.  in every job  We do not abandon discipline. 

Youth  and to always be one step ahead with our dynamic structure,  less  energy  continuously to produce chillers that consume  innovations  follows and is indispensable for our industry.  arge  in its activities  we are. 

Our colleagues who are included in our team also know that  You achieve success more easily when you do what you love,  together with our colleagues  "we really  We love doing it"

Until today, we have successfully concluded in different countries of the world.  taking power from the projects, not only domestic but also  we export abroad and provide "added value to our country".

Flexible working of problems encountered  We try to overcome it with our understanding, we produce "solutions", not "excuses". 

We started in 2003  TUSİM  Taking years of experience and experience in the refrigeration and machinery manufacturing sector behind us, we established our company in 2016.  makterm  We continue under the same roof. 



Over Years of Experience


Projects Continuing to Increase Every Year


To 7 Continents of the World  Service


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Our projects

Makterm Slaughterhouse

Makterm Slaughterhouse
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Makterm Slaughterhouse

Makterm Slaughterhouse

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Kanatlı Eti İşleme Tesisi Projelerimizden Görseller

Kanatlı Eti İşleme Tesisi Projelerimizden Görseller

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Time is very valuable

Time is very valuable

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Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

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